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20 July 2009 @ 12:47 am
[Translation] VS Arashi 2009.07.18  
Back, and bringing you a translation of the most recent VS Arashi starring the Olympic athletes that Sho can never hope to compete with.

And this is how we know Aiba is a smart lad, ladies and gents. He happily squirreled his way onto the winning team, and giggled as they decimated Arashi.

Aiba VS Arashi indeed.

S: Well, well, well. Finally, on next week’s broadcast, we will be taking part in FNS 26Hour TV.
N: Hurrah!
Cap: Participating in FNS 26 Hour TV 2009 (July 25, Saturday, starting at 7pm)
N: Thank you very much!
S: We’ll be going up against the Shimada Shinsuke and the Hexagon Team
N: That’s right.
S: This is the first time we’re working with 26 Hour TV
M: It’s our first time
A: That’s true
O: In all the years I’ve been in showbiz, I’ve never met Shimada Shinsuke
Note: The host of the TV Show, Hexagon
S: Is that so?
M: I’ve never met him either
N: Me neither
A: Me neither
M: Really?
A: But I’ve been to Shimada Shinsuke’s shop
N: We’re talking about at work!
S: Even if you go to his shop, it’s not like he’s there making your food.
A: But I was excited all the same. I thought he might show up for a minute or two…
N: That would never happen!
A: I guess so. I guess so.
S: Today’s guests are both Olympic Medalists
M: Oh my
S: Is it possible that they have something to do with Aiba?
A: We have a deep connection.
S: Did you invite them here today?
A: Well, that happened too.
M: Aiba, you’ve got skills, man.
A: I got permission to call them.
S: Let’s bring them out, shall we? Here they are!

Cap: Iketani Yukio, Yoneda Isao

S: Today’s guests are Iketani Yukio and Yoneda Isao. Welcome to the show.
I+Y: Glad to be here.
S: These two are, of course, gymnasts.
A: Iketani, aren’t you a celebrity?
I: Not exactly
I: Together with Yoneda Isao, we have the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic Medals covered
A: Incredible!
S: That’s amazing.
S: And starting today, there will be a tournament called Gymnastics Japan Cup?
I: That’s right.
Y: Yes. It’s a big tournament that runs once a year, and it’s taking place today and tomorrow.
Cap: Gymnastics Japan Cup
I: It’s held in Makuhari.
Note: A place in Chiba
N: Ah, Makuhari. It’s in Makuhari.
A: Sorry?
Cap: Aiba was born in Chiba
S: That means it’s related to Chiba
N: It’s close to Chiba, right?
A: It’s not about being close to Chiba or not
M: Wait, are you a goodwill ambassador for Chiba?
A: No, it’s not that. Let me explain. I’ve been selected to be the Navigator for the Gymnastics Japan Cup. So I thought I’d invite them here today to compete with Arashi.
S: But Aiba, you have to remember that this show is called VS Arashi. That means that even though you’re working as a Navigator, you still have to take this seriously. Face-to-face.
A: Of course! We’re going to pound them!

S: The first game is Cliff Climb!
N: Yay!
Nar: This game is best suited to a gymnast, isn’t it?
N: We’re in trouble. We’ll have to give it everything we’ve got as a team.
S: All five of us together
I: We’ll go for a perfect score
M: That’ll be difficult
N: To get all of them is probably impossible.
I: Really?
S: Well give it a try in any case
N: That’s right. Let’s do it.
What did you just say?
M: I’m sorry, we’re actually filming right now
A: What was that “All five of us” stuff? There’s only four of you! You’re way off track!
S: We thought we’d do it the way we always did…
A: Oh no no no, having four people is not the way we usually do it!
S: In that case, why don’t you come over here?
A: Because well, even though I said we’d pound them, I don’t think I can do it. I’m cheering them on in their tournament after this! So I’m going to cheer them on now!
Just for today, I’ll be over here with the Guests, working hard. Okay?
S: So you’re not going to be with us, you’ll be with the Gymnasts
M: So it’s going to be VS Aiba?
A: Yes! Let’s do VS Aiba!
S: All right, Aiba. Let’s have you over there with the Guest Team.
A: Thanks!
Nar: For the first time ever, Arashi Team is down to four people.
First up in this game is the Gymnast Team, with Yoneda as the Climber. As Supporters, we have Iketani as well as Aiba.
A: Yup!
S: Somehow, he’s even more hyped up than usual
Nar: Yoneda. Faced with a 6-meter wall, are you feeling confident?
Y: Yes. I want to get them all.
S: All?
Nar: What kind of performance will a gymnast give us? Let’s find out. Cliff Climb, start!
N: He’s starting from the left.
Nar: The medallist Yoneda Isao has started climbing. He’s fast, he’s fast! Just as expected – will he reach them? Can he reach the 10-point button? He can’t get it, what will he do? He’s reaching with his foot! He didn’t reach it and he’s given up. He’s given up on the farthest 10-point button. Now he’s reaching up.
N: Can he do it?
Nar: After clearing four 30-point buttons, here comes the first grip! Oh! The grip didn’t get to him! Though he didn’t get the first one from his senior, Iketani, the second one reaches him.
A: You’ve got 22 seconds!
Nar: He’s heading to the right. Oh! This is truly a performance worthy of a medallist.
A: 14 seconds! 14 seconds!
Nar: With 14 seconds left, what will he do? Leaving the remaining 10-point button, he heads for the top. He’s reached it, he’s reached it! 10 seconds! He clears it!

M: Amazing!
Nar: As expected of an Olympic medallist! He gets 340 points!
The Guest Team has earned high points. In response, Arashi will send Sakurai as the Climber and Ninomiya as the Supporter. Sakurai?
S: What is it?
Nar: I hardly need to say this, but your opponents are medallists.
S: Uh-huh.
Nar: Will you be all right?
S: Well the guests are already going “Eeeh?” Actually, I’m the one who’s going “Eeeh?”
N: The guests are only wondering whether you can make it okay or not.
S: They’re thinking it’s a total waste for me to go, aren’t they?
N: Yeah. That’s why it’ll be a shame if you don’t get a perfect score. Cause you’ll get it.
S: Uh-huh.
Nar: To beat the Guest team, they’ll have to get a perfect score of 350 points. Let’s begin. Cliff Climb, start!
Nar: Right from the start, he already loses his footing. What will he do? He’s in danger of touching the ground! He just managed to make it. He’s still on his first leg. 30 points. 40 points.
N: He didn’t touch the ground!
Nar Sakurai is in an awkward position.
S: I didn’t touch it!
Nar: He’s cleared the 10-point buttons.
He’s asking for the first grip now. Ninomiya passes it! He grabs it smoothly. It’s a battle now with time. He’s only got 30 seconds left. He manages to get the 30-point button. What will he do? One more grip is on its way. He catches this one beautifully as well. But now there’s only 10 seconds left. What will Sakurai do? He’s in a difficult position. There’s no time left. There’s no time left. He gets another 30 points. But in the end, he doesn’t reach the top! Once again, he’s stuck halfway up the wall! He gets 140 points. The difference has widened to 200 points!
N: This is turning into a rerun of last time.
S: Why? What’s wrong with me?
N: For a second there, I thought you touched the ground.
M: Since you’re done climbing, you can be honest now. You touched it, didn’t you.
S: Just a tap, yeah.
Cap: He was right!
N: You can come down now! Come on down!

S: The next game is Rolling Coin Tower!
Nar: Today Arashi has given the other team a head start. Or rather, they’re in the unusual position of losing.
M: Yes!
Nar: With a difference of 200 points, this is going to be a tough battle, yes?
M: The gap has widened quite a bit.
S: That’s right.
N: It’s pretty wide.
A: It is.
Nar: Guest Team, Aiba!
A: Yes!
Nar: You’ve joined the two medallists on stage today. Please give them some tips as a Navigator.
A: Tips? This game is all about intuition.
I: You see, as gymnasts we have excellent inner-body balance. But when it comes to balancing other things, we’re pretty bad.
Y: We don’t do so well.
I: If you’d told us to stack ourselves up on the table, we could go as high as you like.
Arashi: I see, I see.
Nar: This might be Arashi’s chance to make a comeback.
N: We can do it, we can do it!
Nar: Let’s begin. Rolling Coin Tower, start!
N: Let’s do it!
S: Go Ohno!
Nar: Ohno starts off with 30 points.
Nar: Because they’re losing by 200 points, Arashi must accumulate as many points as possible.
A: Carefully, carefully! You’ll be doing the Gymnastics Japan Cup today so that’s how careful you’ll need to be!
Nar: It’s only the first round. Matsumoto adds 30 points.
A: I’ll be moving here, okay?
M: What the hell are you doing?
S: Are you trying to help out on the Arashi side?
Nar: We’ve moved to Yoneda, but for some reason Aiba is in the frame.
A: Today I’m giving directions!
Y: Yup!
A: Nice job!
Nar: He gets 30 points! We move successfully into the second round.
A: Oops I’ve moved ahead too far!
Nar: Ohno adds 30 points.
A: There you go. That’s right. Excellent!
Nar: Iketani adds 30 points as well. The coin tower still looks steady.
A: MatsuJun, you’re doing great
M: Shut up
Nar: Will Aiba’s instincts be right?
A: Watch the balance! Good job!
Nar: Yoneda clears it! Both teams are even at 120 points. We’re moving into the third round.
A: Leader, Leader, I see what you’re doing.
Nar: Ohno clears it.
I: It’s moving quite a bit.
Nar: The tower has begun to sway subtly.
A: Iketani, don’t push your luck too much!
Nar: Though he has large muscles, he moves carefully
Matsumoto, looking determined, clears it as well.
Nar: At this stage, Yoneda uses his 3-point coins. He’s put down his 3-point coins. Will this change the balance? Ohno adds 30 points.
A: Use the 3-point ones! Use all three!
Nar: Iketani is looking anxious. He adds 9 points. And then it falls! The last one to touch it was Iketani! The 100-point bonus goes to Arashi.
The total is in. Arashi has 450 points. The Guest team has 515. The difference has shrunk to 65 points!

S: The last game is Falling Pipe!
Nar: Matsumoto from Arashi Team will be doing the Catching. Facing him is Aiba-kun from the Gynmast Team.
A: Yup!
I: You can do it!
S: This is a first, huh? A Member vs. Member match
A: It’s the first time.
M: It’s the first time. You know, I’ve faced a lot of people up till now. But he’s the last person I want to lose to.
Nar: This will be a special match. Aiba-kun? Please choose two pipes.
S: He’s pressing everything in sight.
N: This way, no one can tell how bad he really is.
M: I really can’t tell.
A: Okay! I’m done!
Nar: No changes can be made after this.
M: I can’t tell at all! This is REALLY hard. What the heck. I’m torn.
S: Can’t decide?
M: I’ll kneel here. Damn, this is really hard.
Nar: Are you okay with that position?
M: Yes, I’ll stay here.
S: He took it off!
A: He did!
S: I didn’t think the day would come when MatsuJun would take off his leather bracelet!
M: I’m serious here. I really don’t want to lose.
A: This is gonna be fun.
Nar: Matsumoto has taken his bracelet off.
M: Ah, this side.
A: He’s never taken this much time before.
S: He REALLY doesn’t want to lose.
A: He’s really taking his time.
S: It’s not even about the points anymore.
Nar: When you’re done, let me know.
M: I’m okay!
Nar: Let’s begin. The very first match between Matsumoto and Aiba. Who will win? Let’s begin. Falling Pipe, start!

Nar: Let’s begin. Falling Pipe, start!
Note: Aiba used polite speech with Jun, which he would otherwise never use.
Aiba: Compared to everyone else, Matsumoto is often a bit late, isn’t he? And probably because he feels terrible about this, guess what? He bought a book to help him wake up earlier in the mornings!
Nar: It’s a double catch! 50 plus 30 plus 100 makes 180 points!
In this heated battle with spirit and pride on the line, Matsumoto comes out the winner!
Arashi Team gets 180 points!
S: Well done!
M: Thank goodness I caught it!
N: If he puts his heart into it, he can totally catch it.
I: Wasn’t Aiba’s story too long?
A: It was a little. I failed at being Choice. I messed up, damn it.

Nar: For the first time today Arashi has taken the lead, but the next Pipe Catcher is Iketani.
M: That’s amazing.
Nar: Facing them as the Pipe Choice is – oh dear.
N: Stop, stop, stop!
Nar: He is attempting to copy him.
N: Please stop. We’re sorry about that.
S: You’re pretty good.
Nar: Sakurai is the Pipe Choice.
O: That was amazing.
S: That looked so risky, I don’t know what to choose anymore.
Nar: Sakurai, please choose two pipes.
S: I’m done!
I: Really?
S: Yes.
I: Already?
S: Yup.
I: Seriously? That was fast!
A: Iketani, are you going to narrow it down? Leave just three?
I: I think it’s 1 and 3.
A: 1 and 3?
M: You’re going to forget about 4?
I: No, I’m not going to.
S: He really looks fast, though. He probably has lightning-quick reflexes too.
Nar: When you’re ready, let me know.
A: You can do it, Iketani!
I: Okay, I’m good.
Nar: Let’s begin. Falling Pipe, start!
S: Iketani, can you do the Y-Balance right now?
I: That’s, um…
S: Can you just show us for a sec?
I: Right now?! No way!
S: No way? But I’d really like to see it.
I: If I do, you’ll push the button!
S: A heard a digital camera was dropped –
Nar: The Guest Team also gets a double catch!
A: Nice job!
Nar: They get 130 points! Today’s match is a close one! Who knows what will happen?
N: So cool!

Nar: The difference now is a mere 15 points.
S: I can hear paper rustling.
N: Aiba, I think the camera behind you caught that.
A: I’ve got tons of stuff to throw at him today, so I brought along a memo.
N: If it’s a memo, why don’t you hold it like this?
A: Ah, that’s true.
Nar: At this crucial juncture, Ohno from Arashi Team will be doing the catching. Facing him are all three on the Gymnast Team. Just so you know, the Guests are leading with 15 points. If he gets less than 10 points, Arashi will lose. Please choose your pipes.
Y: We’ve chosen them.
A: Okay, we’re done!
O: So fast
Nar: The pipes have been chosen.
O: I think this is the best place to stay.
S: That’s your position? Nice! Nice!
O: This should be fine.
M: What if it’s 1 and 2?
O: Ah! I’ll have to go here.
S: But I think that’s fine.
O: Right?
S: He’s fast.
O: Okay! I’ll stay here.
Nar: Are you okay with that position?
O: Yes!
S: Ohno, we’re counting on you!
Nar: In this match, will they reach their goal? Will they lose? Let’s begin.
M: We’re counting on you!
A: Leader! Is it true that you’ve pasted a sticker of Chinen from Hey!Say!Jump! on your cellphone? Does your father always wear sunglasses? Your phone is supposedly quite plain but actually it’s shockingly flashy isn’t it?
Nar: He grabbed it, but he’s only got one! Ohno gets 20 points! The Guests are closing the gap relentlessly. Arashi only just manages to stay in the game!
M: Is it really true that you have a sticker of Chinen on your phone?
O: Can you not mention that?

Nar: The final match will decide everything. From the Gymnast Team we have Yoneda as the Catcher. From Arashi Team we have Ninomiya. The difference is a mere 5 points. If Yoneda can catch a pipe, he will instantly win the game.
N: Instantly, he says.
I: You can do it!
Y: I should narrow down the pipes, right?
S: Yes, but since you don’t need high points this time, you don’t even have to narrow it down.
I: If you go with three
Y: Ah, three
N: Actually, I think you should do this with your eyes closed. Give it a try.
A: Don’t listen to him.
N: No matter what I do, this is impossible! What should I go with?
Nar: Ninomiya, please choose two pipes.
A: He’s about to choose now.
It’s a lot of pressure to be standing up there, though.
Y: I’ll be fine.
A: He’s a gold medallist after all.
Nar: When you’re done, let me know.
S: Having a hard time?
I: Still not done?
H: This is really hard! I have to make him miss both pipes! I hate this sort of situation. Well, let’s begin, shall we? Let’s start.
Nar: You’ve chosen them?
N: Yes!
A: Yoneda, do you best!
Yoneda, can you see them all from there?
Y: Yes. Except for 2.
A: You can’t see 2? Then why do you have your hand there?
Y: If I don’t get any of these, then I can still catch 2.
A: I see.
Nar: This is the last match. Falling Pipe, start!
N: I promise I won’t drop them, but first, can you show us how flexible you are as a gymnast?
S: Facing the camera.
A: Since he said so, why don’t you show us?
N: Just for a second!
Do you have any other poses? Anything!
Y: Anything?
Nar: He caught them! A medallist is not someone to be underestimated.
N: Amazing!
Nar: Our winners today are the Guest Gymnast Team!

A: His body is really flexible!
S: That was amazing!
Can you get your head between your knees?
Y: Yes.
N: He’s a cellphone!
A: He can fold in two!
S: Lastly, Aiba, since you’ll never have the chance to do this again, and this is the last time we’ll have an Arashi vs. Arashi match. What did you think of today?
A: Everyone shone brightly.
S: What was our most attractive feature today?
A: Attractive feature? You four balance each other out really well!

N: Now we have something to tell you!
O: This summer
S: At Fuji TV’s big event, The United States of Odaiba
M: VS Arashi will be
A: Arriving!
S: It’s really coming, huh?
N: It’s really coming. It’s really coming.
S: Starting today, at The United States of Odaiba, a VS Arashi Park will be opening!
A: Thank you very much!
N: What’s going to be there?
S: Our games from VS Arashi will appear as attractions. In other words, guests who visit will also be able to play Rolling Coin Tower!
N: But isn’t there a catch? Won’t it be expensive?
S: I hear you, so it’s going to be free.
M: Actually free?
A: Really?
N: In this economy?!
S: It’s because we’re in this economy that it’s going to be free!
N: Thank you, VS Arashi Park! We’re really grateful!
A: Thank you very much!
S: We hope to create a fun place for people to be, so we hope you will enjoy the park as well. And so, please come visit VS Arashi Park at The United States of Odaiba this summer!

Eeeee, there's going to be an Arashi Park! They are practically two steps away from making their own theme park! THEY COULD CALL IT ARASHILAND.

Would that be awesome or what?

Note to my lovely EnA friends:
Sorry I've been missing on the translation front for so long. This one's all yours, so take it away! ^_~

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loisloissama on July 20th, 2009 09:04 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the translation...It's been a while that you did the whole episode and I also love this episode. Even the guests are gymnasts, not celebrities, they made it interesting and funny.

Thank you once again...!!
Liannjliann on July 20th, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
Haha yes it feels like it's been a long time for me too XD
Arashi is gifted, aren't they? They could probably host a show for ordinary people and still make it really interesting.
Angela la la: ninofoodwaku_waku on July 20th, 2009 09:22 am (UTC)
hi there!!!!!!!!
i missed your posts! anyway, thanks for sharing this!
Liannjliann on July 20th, 2009 10:14 am (UTC)
You're very welcome - and speaking of which, I have been a terrible friend ^^;; so hopefully I will be able to comment more in the future ~
(Deleted comment)
Liannjliann on July 20th, 2009 10:16 am (UTC)
Yay~~~ Thank you for picking it up so fast! You're awesome as always ^_~

I'm aiming to be more consistent, so let's hope it sticks this time *crosses fingers* =P
(Deleted comment)
Liannjliann on July 21st, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
Ah, is that so? I'm glad to be a part of such an efficient fandom with so many subbers.

Don't feel pressured to do this, though. I don't get too worked up over "wasted work" because I think it's always a learning experience for me. So you guys can choose to sub it or not, but I won't mind either way ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Liannjliann on July 20th, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
I love when people who aren't "talent" appear on these shows, cuz then Arashi really shines (like Aiba says XD).

LOL, don't we wish they would? THEY COULD DO INTERACTIVE AnoArashi EXPERIMENTS T___T Kids (and fans) will go nuts XD
eve_aida: aiba&nino_shuu!eve_aida on July 21st, 2009 07:39 am (UTC)
hello jliann..hisashiburii~

it's been a long time since last i read your translation..this VS Arashi is funny! XD what the heck aiba suddenly off from Arashi? haha! XD

they have they're own park? if possible i really wanna try falling pipe! are you going there, to the park i mean?